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Dutch behavior is very recognizable and we often say that’s so Dutch when someone implies on a Dutch habit. In our socail media you will see more Soooooo Dutchie content. We hope you like our humour.


We love that! First thing is to make an free account. Go to ‘register’ on the top right corner and follow the steps. Ones you have an account, make sure to click in the left corner on ‘become a seller’. Your request to become a contributor will be send to the admin of So Dutchie. It may take up a couple of hours (depending on time of day) for us to grande you permission. You will get a notice by e-mail when you’ve got approved. After that, shine your creative light on The Dutch! We look forward to see your work!

Watch our how-to video:

Everyone is allowed to share content on our platform. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a hobbyist or a pro. Please do follow the quality requirements!

So Dutchie is a worldwide platform, so your photos or videos will be used worldwide. Your account can be seen by potential new big clients. Fans can follow your work and your linked socials. So make sure your account is as complete as possible and that your portfolio has your best work for standing out.

Stand out with your signature work. Show your specialization and your intrest. For exampel nature photography or food video’s.

Click on your username, you’ll see a button called dashboard. If you click on this you’ll find your history uploads on the left tab.

Yes you can manage your own account

Yes you can, you have unlimited access to your own account. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your password!


We only accept photos and MP4 videos. Made by you, all original.

Every photo has to be:

  • High Resolution 300 PPI
  • One side at least 4000 pixels.
  • Ratio 3:2 horizontally
  • Ratio 2:3 vertically
  • Permission from people in your picture! Important to have a quitclaim. You need to arrange that with all persons in your shot.

Every video has to be:

  • Videos MP4
  • Full HD 1080 px
  • Minimum bitrate 5 Mbps
  • Ratio 16:9
  • Duration between 0:05 and 0:59 seconds
  • Permission from people in your picture! Important tot have a quitclaim.

Always use a English description. Use as much details as you can for the picture. For example ‘Bike parked outside alongside the Eramus Bridge in Rotterdam’ instead of just ‘bike’.

Rememer that you want people to find your picture or video. So try to think of words they will use in their search. So if you can add more information about the location, the city and country or about how Dutch life involve around the objects in your picture.We love to read your story!

We think it’s important to have quality photos and videos on So Dutchie. And we are keen on protecting used language

This is so we can gurentee that the posts are the right quality for SoDutchie. After you upload a photo it can take a couple of hours before it’s online. We do this as soon as possible, so please have a bit of patients. We are trying our best.


Promote your brand, but be relevant. Your brand on So Dutchie means positive, natively advertising with free usage of your images and videos. It will be shared allover the world. So it’s a win-win for creative fans and you as a growing brand.

We have several offers for you to promote your brand on So Dutchie.
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First you will have to be registerd for a account. Next click on your dashboard and on the left tab you will see the button become a seller.

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