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Fancy a challenge with a price-winning final? We challenge famous Dutch brands to challenge you for your images and videos on their products or service. What’s your signature approach? Will you surprise the client or us? Because So Dutchie will also host its own challenges throughout the year, where winners will receive a homepage feature and a nice cash prize. Send in your images and a small jury will pick out the winners. Let your exposure grow!

Contribute now & win!

Open challenges

Below are the challenges you can participate in. As a creative you can submit unlimited entries. So Dutchie and the challenger make sure the winner is rewarded. With fame, a homepage, newsletter feature or pherhaps even a nice cash prize. Click on the challenges below and read more about the assignment. Take part and win!

Challenge Tourism Moerdijk

Ends 1-2-2024

North Sea, beach & dunes

Ends 1-10-2024


Ends 1-9-2024

Show your product to the world

Start a brand challenge

As a Dutch brand you can challenge the hundreds of So Dutchie creators around the world. They will create unique content around your company or product. Open the world to your brand and place a challenge. You ultimately make the choice in images that are published on So Dutchie and rewards them for the effort. The winner will be published in your campagnes.


Previous challenges

Dutch brands can start a challenge with us throughout the year. Around a campaign or launch, or in preparation for special days such as Mother’s Day or Sinterklaas. Check out the latest winning productions.

Need a really Dutch video?

Let us create it.

Give us a shout and we’ll help your brand get across the world in images and video. It’ll spread around the world like a rocket. So Dutchie is your central point of contact.

We put together the ideal team that will produce your content. Only for you to use as you wish.

Of course, we want to pick a small selection that we will share on our platform.

  • Custom video or photoshoot
  • Specific campaign challenge
  • Hire a So Dutchie team of creators

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