Make our goal your goal

Sharing everything Dutch your eye is seeing

The Netherlands seen through your eye or lens. 

With every photo or video, a Dutch wave of pride goes around the world. 

Everyone is allowed to share Dutch content on our platform. We are open. We are proud and are happy to share the Netherlands with the world.

We are a small country in size, but big in our actions. From dikes and bridge builders, tiny towns, fun parties to weird habits and idiotic utensils. But also our beautiful nature, unique art and history. Crazy Dutchmen are sober and proudly open their country to anyone who wants it.

Why so Dutchie? Why Free?

Craving for real everyday Dutch content

We have been regularly looking for Dutch content for clients for years. We search for images online, or make them ourselves on commission. But we, and other creators too, have so many unused images that are not shared. Too bad right? And if we are looking for Dutch images, then there are probably many more small advertising agencies, editors, companies and brands that also find that useful? That’s why So Dutchie is here. We are one place where you can download original Dutch content for free.

We believe in the crazy grandeur of our small Netherlands, and we want to show that to the world. That is why we're creating this free Dutch wave, captured through anyone's eyes.

Really free content?

Yep. So Dutchie is about sharing, without you having to spend anything. We want you to be happy with our content, and we would like to welcome you as a contributer, as contentmaker or Dutch brand. As contributer we reward your effort in sharing your fame, and letting you earn an extra income by co-working for beautiful brands or winning challenges. We love to work with you!
Bitterbal in frituur

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