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πŸ₯žπŸ‡³πŸ‡± In the Netherlands, pannenkoeken, or Dutch pancakes, are a beloved culinary delight prepared in every Dutch household with easy pannenkoekmixen from brands like Koopmans and Dr. Oetker that provide ready-to-use pancake mixes. You can also eat them β€˜out of home’ and find cosy, childfriendly pannenkoekhuizen in touristic areas where you can eat only pancakes.

These thin and wide pancakes, much larger than their American counterparts, are a cherished part of Dutch cuisine. One of the most classic ways to enjoy pannenkoeken is with a generous drizzle of stroop (syrup) from the Dutch brand Van Gilse, De Zeeuwse Boerin or De Friesche Vlag.

The rich and velvety Van Gilse stroop, often made from sugar beet or apples, complements the delicate flavour of the pancake perfectly. As the syrup slowly cascades over the warm pannenkoek, it creates a sweet and gooey symphony that delights the taste buds. This traditional pairing is a staple in Dutch households and is often enjoyed as a hearty meal or a delightful treat during special occasions.

Whether topped with a dusting of powdered sugar, a dollop of whipped cream, or accompanied by fresh fruits, pannenkoeken with stroop encapsulate the warmth and comfort of Dutch culinary traditions. It’s a simple yet satisfying indulgence that brings people together, making every bite a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Netherlands.

Smakelijk eten! (Enjoy your meal!) πŸ₯žπŸ‡³πŸ‡±


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