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After the summer holidays, we pay extra attention to the safety for students. There should be more awareness that a striking number of traffic accidents take place just after the summer holidays. Particularly among students. Safe Traffic Netherlands wants to put a stop to this negative trend. And asks the whole of the Netherlands to take a closer look.

The ‘Our schools have started again’ campaign by Veilig Verkeer Nederland helps schools and municipalities to contribute in an accessible way to a safe start to school for pupils after their summer holidays. Materials and expressions are available such as banners, posters and sandwich boards on lampposts that can be hung in a clearly visible position along motorways and crossings close to the bicycle routes of the young people. Attention is also drawn to road safety in social media.

Together we do everything we can to prevent as many road casualties as possible among our young cycling students. To know more, go to the campaign website. The Dutch government is taking measures to better protect cyclists, young and old. Read HERE what the policy is on safety in bicycle traffic.


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