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During King’s Day, cities and towns across the Netherlands organize various events and activities. There are often large outdoor markets, known as “vrijmarkten,” where people can sell their second-hand goods or crafts. It’s a sort of nationwide flea market, and many people set up stalls along the streets to sell all sorts of items. It’s a tradition for children to participate in these markets as well, often selling toys and homemade treats.

King’s Day (Koningsdag) is a national holiday in the Netherlands that is celebrated on April 27th (unless it falls on a Sunday, in which case it’s celebrated on April 26th). It marks the birthday of the reigning monarch of the Netherlands and is a day of vibrant festivities, nationwide parties, and a sea of orange-colored clothing and decorations.

One of the most iconic aspects of King’s Day is the sea of orange that floods the streets. Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family and symbolizes national pride and unity. People of all ages dress in orange attire, accessories, and even paint their faces with orange paint.

sodutchie blogger

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