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Why does every Dutchie ride a bicycle?

in Dutch way of life, on my way on 5 December, 2022

Every Dutchie rides a bike

Welcome to the enchanting world of biking in Holland, where two wheels reign supreme and pedal power is the preferred mode of transportation. In this fun and simple blog, we’ll take a delightful ride through the picturesque landscapes, tulip-lined paths, and vibrant cities of the Netherlands, all while discovering the fascinating biking habits of the Dutch people. So, put on your helmet, hop on your bike, and let’s pedal through the captivating world of Dutch cycling!

Holland is synonymous with bikes. With over 22 million bicycles and a population of approximately 17 million, it’s no wonder that cycling is deeply ingrained in Dutch culture. Biking is not just a means of transportation; it’s a way of life. From young children to the elderly, everyone hops on a bike, making it a truly inclusive activity.

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Cycling Infrastructure

One of the reasons why biking in Holland is a joyous experience is the outstanding cycling infrastructure. Picture an extensive network of dedicated bike lanes, traffic lights just for cyclists, and convenient bike parking facilities everywhere. The Dutch government has invested heavily in creating a safe and convenient environment for cyclists, allowing them to pedal their way effortlessly.

Dutch Bikes: The Perfect Companion

Dutch bikes, with their distinctive design and practicality, are an iconic symbol of Dutch cycling. The classic Dutch bicycle, known as the “Omafiets” (grandma bike), features a comfortable upright riding position, a sturdy frame, and a simple design. With a basket in the front for groceries and a rack in the back for additional storage, these bikes are both stylish and functional.

Urban Cycling Marvels

Exploring Dutch cities by bike is a thrilling experience. Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague are famous for their bike-friendly streets, bustling with cyclists. Discover the joy of biking through the historic city centers, gliding alongside charming canals and picturesque buildings. Don’t be surprised to see people cycling with their children, pets, or even carrying furniture on their bikes – the Dutch are masters of bike multitasking!


“Dutch biking, a harmonious symphony of wheels spinning and hearts smiling, where the rhythm of the pedals unlocks a world of freedom, sustainability, and pure joy on two wheels.”

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An Everyday Adventure

Biking is an integral part of everyday life for the Dutch. You’ll witness students rushing to school, professionals commuting to work, and families embarking on weekend outings, all on two wheels. The Dutch use bikes for everything, from grocery shopping to socializing with friends. It’s a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around while embracing a laid-back and active lifestyle.

Unspoken Rules of the Road

To truly enjoy biking in Holland, it’s essential to understand some unwritten rules of the road. Stay on the right-hand side of the bike path, use hand signals to indicate your turns, and always give way to the right. Remember, the Dutch take biking seriously, but they also maintain a relaxed and courteous attitude toward fellow cyclists.

  • ANWB is a Royal Dutch Tourist Asociation that promotes the intersts of its members in the field of mobility, holidays and leisure. ANWB wants to contribute to the sustainable development of society. company that has some pretty bike routes. Check them here:


Biking in Holland is a magical experience that combines the beauty of nature, the charm of historic cities, and the warm embrace of Dutch culture. The bicycle is not merely a means of transportation here; it’s a way to connect with the surroundings, promote a healthy lifestyle, and embrace the joy of movement. So, next time you find yourself in the Netherlands, don’t hesitate to grab a bike and immerse yourself in the biking bliss of this extraordinary country. Happy cycling!


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