Oats flow in a Dutch mill


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Oats flow in a Dutch mill in Terheijden near Breda. This is Mill De Arend. Being a miller in Holland, working within the majestic windmills that dot the countryside, is a revered tradition steeped in history and craftsmanship. It’s a role that requires dedication, skill, and a deep understanding of the wind’s rhythms.


The miller’s day begins early, attuned to nature’s nuances, assessing wind direction and speed. Once the wind is favorable, the miller sets the sails in motion, harnessing the wind’s energy to power the mill’s machinery.

Amidst the rhythmic hum of gears and the gentle creaking of wooden mechanisms, the miller oversees the grinding of grains or the pumping of water, tasks that have sustained communities for centuries.

Beyond technical prowess, the miller embodies a custodian of tradition, preserving the legacy of these historic structures. Their knowledge is passed down through generations, ensuring that the art of milling flourishes as a living testament to Dutch heritage and innovation.

Molen de Arend is a lively, contemporary company in a centuries-old building. Since 2014, Adri Kamp and Marijna Hazen have taken over the company from their predecessors. Adri is the current miller and Marijna works in the mill shop together with a team of enthusiastic, technical employees. In the meantime, they live off the wind together with their two dynamic miller sons.

At the top of the mill, Adri grinds the grain into flour and makes mixtures from it. Part of the freshly milled flour goes to the bakers in the region, the other part we process into our own mixtures and package for the mill shop.

A lot has changed in the mill shop over the years and the range has continued to expand. And we are still busy every day coming up with new recipes for breads and sweet baked goods. In the mill there are two pairs of stones that are in operation, where grain is milled in an authentic way. This method of grinding contributes to ensuring that the mill’s products are unique and of the best quality. But of course good flour starts with good grain. The grain we mill is of the best quality and comes from the Netherlands. This means that there is a lot of cholesterol-raising content in the wheat, which gives a good baking result.

Our grain is regularly inspected by an independent miller from the AKG. Not only the grain quality but also the grinding quality are safely important to be able to bake a good bread. To grind this grain in the best way, Adri trained as a miller for several years. This is still done according to centuries-old tradition, from master to student.


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