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Winter in the Netherlands often brings a transformative beauty, especially when ice becomes a prominent feature across the country. While not every winter guarantees freezing temperatures, when the cold settles in, it can create a mesmerizing landscape of frozen waterways, canals, and lakes.

The Dutch have a special relationship with ice, particularly with their extensive network of canals and water bodies. When the temperatures drop low enough for these waterways to freeze, it’s a cause for celebration and a flurry of activity.

One of the most iconic scenes is the sight of people skating on frozen canals. The image of skaters gracefully gliding along the ice against the backdrop of historic buildings is quintessentially Dutch. When conditions permit, the Elfstedentocht, a legendary 200-kilometer ice-skating tour through eleven cities, captures the nation’s attention. However, this event only occurs when the ice is thick and safe enough, making it a rare and cherished occurrence.

Ice doesn’t just serve as a platform for skating; it also invites other activities. People gather for ice hockey matches, friendly games of ice soccer, or simply to enjoy a brisk walk or cycle across frozen lakes.

However, as much as ice brings joy and recreation, it also demands caution. Safety measures are crucial, as thinner ice can be hazardous. Authorities provide guidelines and regularly check the ice’s thickness to ensure the public’s safety.

Despite the excitement and beauty, Dutch winters with ample ice are becoming less frequent due to changing climate patterns. Warmer temperatures mean that freezing conditions aren’t as common as they once were, leading to shorter periods of safe ice for skating and other activities.

Nonetheless, when the ice does form, it brings a unique charm to the Dutch landscape, creating a magical and nostalgic ambiance, evoking memories of a time when frozen canals were a more regular occurrence in the Netherlands.

Is there gonna be an Elfstedentocht this year? Read everything about this National ice skating tradition on the website.


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